5 Promotional Items for Financial Services Companies

Each and every industry and company can benefit from promotional merchandising, and this includes companies in the sector ranging from travel agencies and hospitality right through to healthcare and construction. Financial services companies too can benefit from promotional merchandising, whether for their customers or their business associates.

The reality is, however, that financial services companies often have a higher class of clientele to meet the needs of, and therefore inexpensive plastic biros and key rings are not the type of item that they typically opt for. Instead, here are five excellent promotional items that are sure to go down well with any client of a financial services company.

The first item that is ideal for this kind of company is the premium gift pen, as this can provide a very classy alternative to a plastic and inexpensive everyday branded pen. These more sophisticated writing tools are still considered excellent gifts outside of the working environment, yet are still great staples when looking for high quality promotional gifts.

There are more expensive and less expensive options available, but quality is key when looking for promotional pens for financial services companies. Premium pens can also come in their own stylish presentation boxes, making them perfect for giving to loyal customers or associates on important occasions.

The second recommendation for a great promotional item for financial services companies is the leather wallet, as this is an exceptionally stylish and classy gift to give to associates or clients. This can be embossed with the logo of a company or a company slogan, yet can still be high enough quality to be appreciated and used by the recipient of the gift.

As with premium pens, a leather wallet is also perceived as a premium gift, and this will go down well with high paying and loyal customers. Giving promotional gifts of high quality will be a strong reflection of your company’s commitment to delivering quality also.

The next choice of excellent gifts to give to loyal customers or business associates of financial services companies are promotional umbrellas, particularly promotional umbrellas for golf. These items can be exceptionally stylish and very practical, and are ideal for the travelling businessman.

Promotional umbrellas tend to come in a range of styles and designs, but the most highly revered products for financial services companies include those with wooden grips and in classic colours that ooze class and sophistication.

Fourthly, an excellent choice of promotional item for a financial services company is a set of branded golf balls, as these are perfect for the businessman who enjoys a round of golf on his business trip. This also makes a particularly unique gift that not many companies use for promotional purposes; this is therefore an excellent choice for a company looking to stand out from the pack.

These can often be accompanied or even substituted by golf gift sets, which include other essentials for people who enjoy playing golf, whether they are well to do professional clients or business partners being thanked for their loyalty.

Finally, a fifth recommendation for an excellent promotional item for financial service companies is a high quality business card holder. These can come in a variety of designs and can be as luxury or as economical as the company prefers, and are also extremely practical. There is also plenty of opportunity to brand these to suit the company’s promotional endeavours.

From promotional umbrellas right through to business card holders, there is a promotional item for every financial services company looking to make an impact on their target audience. With a wealth of high quality and luxury items available to pick from, it has never been easier to find some that suit the aims of the company in question.

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Global Trends For the Financial Service Industry

As the economic crisis continues to unfold, the financial service industry faces serious challenges. The crisis is rooted in continuous imbalances, including long periods of low interest rates, rapidly rising asset prices, and massive credit and savings imbalances. The 2007 and 2008 Reports from the World Economic Forum predicted these changes as continuous risk to the market.

Earlier decades of exceptional growth and capitalism at its best have now caused the market to adapt to tighter credit, growing government intervention, slowing pace of globalization, and no economic growth. With increasing regulations in the United States and decreasing availability of credit, the industry faces a significant risk of stunted growth. The global recession is also affecting the financial sector because of capital markets and decreased aggregate demand, according to Max von Bismarck, Director and Head of Investor Industries.

This article will provide leaders, employees and investors in the financial service industry with five unique and timely trends to keep in the forefront of their growth strategies for the next five years. These five key trends will shape the post financial crisis in a holistic and systematic manner.


GLOBAL BANKING. According to the World Bank, although many banks such as American Express, Citibank and JPMorgan Chase conduct business in multiple countries, they are relatively regional in the United States. In order to grow, the financial industry will have to infiltrate emerging markets. For companies that have a more aggressive growth strategy, the spread to emerging markets such as Africa and Asia presents unparalleled opportunities for profit and increased market share.

IT PLATFORM SHARING. Network World confirms that financial service firms’ business strategies must be altered for the new dynamics and intricacies of today’s market. Immediate access to information and integration along product lines and geography are a must for future success. With the need to supply information to a global market, firms must decrease cost. One cost effective initiative is the use of platform sharing; like cell phone companies that collaborate with local companies in order to decrease cost and increase access, financial firms can do the same.

E-BANKING. A special report from The Economist sees that with 3.5 billion people with cell phones and an expected 10-20% year over year growth, personal and business banking transactions are conducted through cell phones more and more. Thus, E-banking capability is quickly becoming an increasing requirement in order to compete in the marketplace. E-banking capabilities provide companies with essential flexibility and differentiation in the market through Internet-based service applications.

MOBILE MONEY. The increase of mobile phone usage in emerging markets makes mobile money a safe, low cost initiative for the financial sector. It is an easier way to transfer money to family and friends, money is sent, and payments and withdrawals can be made without ever going to a physical bank or payment center. M-Pesa, an early developer of mobile money, concluded that mobile money “has enormous social and economic benefits.”

SELF-SERVICE. Self-service and the customer should be a primary focus for firms in this new financial service world, according to IBM. AppViewXS is a self-service portal firms can purchase, so customers can check the status of their account and gain instant access to available services. Customer questions and concerns are addressed more quickly, states an IBM representative. This technology automates many processes; the result is that staff workload is reduced while representatives operate faster and more efficiently.

Financial service firms need to have sustainable, steady expansion in the emerging markets in order to grow in the future. Deloitte and Touche Research reports that financial service firms have not positioned themselves to capitalize on more geographically dispersed opportunities. More than 93 percent of the executives interviewed for this report acknowledged that their firms “are not operating in a globally integrated fashion.”

The same report states that financial firms need to invest away from veteran or mature markets and toward emerging markets because “by 2025, veteran markets will be rivaled by other markets with faster growing economies and increasingly sophisticated financial product appetites.” USA based firms can look toward Japanese and African markets for expansion opportunities. Kennedy Consulting analysts believe that the market will rebound from the global financial crisis in 2011, but there will not be any return to the robust levels prior to 2007 until much later in the decade; hopefully, the five key trends in this report will help the leaders, employees and investors in the financial service industry to look toward a robust sound future.

In addition to growth strategies, in the 2002 Journal of Business and Industrial Marketing, Henson and Wilson discuss the extreme changes that have occurred in the financial service industry and how many firms are trying to develop and execute successful strategies based on innovative technology and customers. Aside from the regular ups and downs of the financial world, technology and innovation will always prevail as the win-win for the financial service industry. Because online banking has become the norm for most customers, technology will be very important in these firms’ strategies.

With the customer at the center of most trends in financial service firms, creating new values for their current and potential clients beyond current expectations will be a top priority. The need for convenience mixed with technology makes mobile money a great initiative in the emerging as well as the developed markets. Many firms have speed pay, the ability to pay without swiping the card, as part of their credit card services. An embedded chip in the credit card enables payments to be made by putting the card close to the payment processor. Mobile money will be an expansion of payment and money transfers without the need for a card, the need to go to a physical bank, or to use Internet banking. Payments, transfers, deposits and withdrawals can be made with a cell phone.

The World Bank concurs that innovative technology and an increase in e-business strategies will lead to much lower costs and greater competition in financial services. Internet and related technologies, the World Bank affirms, are more than just new delivery channels; they are an inexpensive, different, and very effective way to provide the same services. Since financial service firms must grow organically, build customer loyalty, and accommodate the customers’ expanding needs for services and convenience, partnerships with new technology businesses will allow them to lower their expenses and be competitive.

Established firms such as Amex, Citibank, and others can partner with groups such as the wired tech savvy Google Alumni who are not averse to risk and who own fledgling technology businesses that are reshaping the industry with a new wave of innovative products, write Spencer Ante and Kimberly Weisul of Business Week. Mobile Money Ventures is one such fledgling company that is a provider on the forefront of alternative financial service products. Small companies such as these are able to provide well-known financial firms the wherewithal to open in emerging markets where there is a need for cooperation with other firms in order to attain then obtain the local customer base.

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Hi Tech Gadgets Guru: Create Spies With Cheeky Spy Cameras

Are you keen on playing investigator? Is spying on people part of your profession? If yes, you should know that having a trustworthy spy camera is the best way to watch folk and what they do without being seen.

Spy cameras are usually referred to as concealed cameras that might be in the form of still or cameras. They’re effective high tech devices employed in filming folks without their knowing about it. Spy cameras are concealed in secret places while some are disguised as other objects, explaining why they’re unnoticeable.

Spy cameras are generally used for spying on folk. To be specific, they’re used to film folks and what they do in a particular place and time. This unique gizmo can record real events the way in which they occurred. It is a extremely trustworthy tool utilized for surveillance and spying.

Maybe you’re considering what makes spy cameras different to the other cameras. For a start, spy cams are often concealed in a secret place and though they’re unseen, they can still take footages or film their subjects. They are programmed beforehand that it’ll only take a click of a button to get them working. Additionally, they come in all kinds of designs. There are those which look like normal pens, key holders, and even preserved animals.

These hi-tech gadgets are used by private investigators or investigators who need them in their sort of work. They use spy cams to snoop on folks, gather crucial information regarding their subject, and keep track of them. But spy cameras aren’t just for the professionals. Any person who is fond of high tech gadgets and want to snoop on folks can use these concealed cameras.

Except for helping you spy on folk, spy cameras also operate as a guard on duty at your own home. You’re feeling more secured understanding that somebody’s watching over your place. You can install these devices in strategic places and catch thieves and other undesired individuals from invading your home and your personal privacy. They can warn you beforehand and automatically set off the alarm.

So how can you find the best spy cameras? There are a large amount of things you must consider before purchasing one just like the features. Many spy cameras use CMOS ( Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor ) and CCD ( Charge joined Device ) chips to capture pictures, the latter being more favorable due to its high spec. You must also look for one with excellent frequency and transmission range. If you want the most impressive results, choose a coloured spy camera too.

In the current’s digital world, you can find many spy cameras in the market. You could find all sorts of spy cameras online and compare prices right away. Other online sellers even offer discounts and free shipment.

Spy cameras are extraordinarily handy particularly if you plan to utilise them at home or at work. With so many of them to choose between, you won’t have any difficulty finding one that fits your fancy.

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Tech Gadgets News: Why You Need Tablets And Netbooks

Man has traditionally been enamored with devices ever since history was recorded. There’s something about widgets that have always woke the attention of folks and this is created more obvious with the inflow of a few dazzling tech gadgets out in the present market. Not only that, the price-tags for these tech gadgets continue to go down to awesome levels now that wholesalers and drop ship suppliers from abroad give the chance for these products to be sold online .

There are several kinds of tech gadgets available in the market ranging from multi media players to spy contraptions. Some of the latest tech gadgets right now include tablets and netbooks. There’s an increasing buzz in the tech gadget world about which among netbooks and tablets are much better than the other. The following will tell you which gizmo is ahead in the race.

Tablet Computers

Tablet PCs or what are rather more commonly called tablets are movable personal computers in slate or tablet form. It does not have the ordinary keyboard but instead uses a multi-touch screen to navigate between applications and input info. Tablets are favoured by folks who wish to have a sleek, durable, and highly durable gadget to read online content. There are three basic kinds which include :

* Convertible – these devices look very like a notebook or a netbook, except that convertibles have screens that may be turned fully at 180 degrees and folded on top of the keyboard facing up. The touchscreen is then turned on and would make a response to a stylus or finger. It mixes the convenience and functionality of a notebook with the presentation features of a full tablet but is thicker and heavier because of the keyboard.

* Slate – looking like an enlarged version of a PDA or a smartphone, the slate-type tablets are the commonest versions available. These gadgets are light, graceful and movable but are packed with a high level of functionality and power that many notebooks have. It does not have a built-in keyboard and uses the touchscreen as input interface and includes I / O or USB ports for external devices.

* Rough – this type of tablet computers have intensely sturdy protective surroundings and built with a shock explanation drive. These tablets are ideal to be used outside in the field for research or other activities which will suffer damage to normal gizmos.


Netbooks are the new generation of laptops and are smaller versions of notebooks and have smaller keyboard sizes. It is slim, compact and portable and runs a longer time on batteries than standard computers. Unlike standard notebooks, it does not have CD or DVD drives but has available ports for external devices. These are the types of Netbooks available :

* Seven to 9-inch Units

First released in 2007, these units as the tiniest on the market. These units became very popular when first released because of the small size but eventually declined in popularity because of the absence of computing power and difficulty of use because of the small size.

* 10-Inch Units

These units were released to cater to the necessity for larger keyboards and display and ultimately became the new regular size. These units are still much smaller and weigh less than notebooks but the size is more controllable to use than their smaller opposite numbers.

* 11 To 12-inch Units

These units came out as a step-up in keyboard and screen size, looking approximately nearer to the smaller-sized notebooks though not in cost.

Hot Reports About Netbooks VS Tablets

The freshest reports in the tech gadgets world today involves around the brewing battle between netbooks and tablets as to which gadget are more popular and would set the trend for the future. These devices that are lower in cost than standard desktop or notebook PCs became intensely popular due generally actually to the tight economy.

Folk looking out for a computer today would most consider purchasing a netbook or a tablet instead not only for economic reasons but for a wide variety of other reasons too. But according to new market reports from Forrester Research, there is a larger probability that folks would most probably select a tablet as studies show that tablet sales is growing at an annual rate of 42 % and would outsell netbooks by the year 2012.

But which gizmo is basically better than the other? Well, it actually depends on what features and functions you actually need . Both are compact and intensely portable and will work fine even for business work. However, tablets have certain traits which make them fast becoming more better than netbooks. One thing is the wow factor of the design giving business and company uses a larger area for viewing presentations. Except for that, advances in multi-touch technologies are cutting away the advantage netbooks have with their inbuilt keyboards.

Netbooks however may continue to be preferred alongside tablets as improvements in their design will make them more attractive to business users. Tablets are great for reading content and making shows but netbooks are excellent for creating content even while on the go. Shortly, corporate users will have netbooks which connect to an information center and tap into cloud-based applications, giving these mobile devices access to big storage locations and larger computing power.

Netbooks and tablets have their own strengths and folks searching for a sleek, classy and portable computing tool can search online to source out the most suitable products available. Customers have the choice to select products from gigantic brands but they can also make a choice and source out products abroad, particularly from China where they can get the least expensive products around without having to sacrifice prime quality.

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How To Get Tech Support For Pda Security

Smartphone devices are meant to perform most of the tasks that a computer can do. Now when it comes to home computer system, users make sure that it is protected with antivirus and other protective firewalls. But unfortunately, there are still many Smartphone users who hardly think of their phone security. Today most of the computer help or remote tech support companies are offering specialized security support for smart gadgets but the important thing is to develop consumer awareness for the same.

A mobile phone, when it has internet access, is most likely to be open to vulnerable exposure. In fact, according to tech support researchers, a mobile phone is far less likely to be protected from virus threats. Earlier, PDA was only used by corporate users. Now, there are plenty of touch screen user-friendly handsets available that come easily within mediocre reach. Considering their usability, people now hardly think twice before purchasing one. Smartphone stores personal data to such a huge extent that you must take your mobile security very seriously. It is no surprise that hackers are coding malware targeted to your mobile phone.

However, not only virus attack but Smartphones can also be enslaved by the botnets. What is that? Botnet attacks are pretty common over the Internet. A central slave master work to generate bogus traffic towards a certain website with so much hit that it crashes. Now, the cellular botnets can ruin your net access the same way. Opening an email attachment from unknown sources, clicking on unauthorized web link, downloading games and ring tones are some popular user habits that make a PDA very fertile ground for malware developers.

Virus attack on mobile phones has now become a very prominent network problem especially for PDA users. Now the corporate world is getting concerned about the matter. In other words, consumers are just now beginning to wake up to the threat posed to them. The iPhone runs a specially designed and modified version of Mac OS X which is believed to be very secure. iPhone applications run on a Sandbox environment. According to help desk specialists, tech support for system security has been provided to the Sandbox. It prevents iPhone applications from interacting with other apps or accessing data from outside. But, today your iPhone is not immune to virus either. Hackers can steal your personal data and even can send text message and make calls at your expense.

Some tech support specialists say that Android operating system is a variant of Linux and is completely immune to virus and malware. This is because, hackers mostly target Windows and Mac and therefore there are a lot less virus work to affect Linux. But still you should be well aware of the fact that your Android device is more prone to get attacked by phishing.

Therefore, it is always advisable to take specialized tech support to secure your device completely. Now where to get them? Remote tech support or online computer support service providers offer antivirus applications for smart gadgets as well. So, contact a remote tech support provider today and secure your access to the fullest.

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Basics Of Pst Files- Tech Support Advice And Suggestion

Personal Storage Tablet (PST) files are the store place of all your mails. Not only sent, deleted or inbox items but PST file saves your notes, messages, contacts and other valuable personal entries as well. According to tech support professionals, PST files are the main data storage of Microsoft Outlook. As we keep on storing data in the PST files, size of the file gets increased gradually and then on, we encounter inconveniences on accessing the file often. Online tech support professionals help users to combat the problem by splitting the PST files.

If you are a regular user of Microsoft Outlook, you must have experienced corrupt PST issues by now. Once it happens, Outlook refuses to open the files and so you fail to access your emails. One most common error message comes in such a condition is Outlook.pst can not be accessed- 0x8004011. This indicates your file is corrupted and you have to repair PST in order to get email access again. Since there are different reasons for PST corruption you need to follow different ways to go about fixing them. Online tech support professionals suggest effective PST repairing method and easy instructions to help users get the job done without a hassle.

Outlook PST recovery software applications are there to make your job even easier. Computer repair technicians offer system recovery software mostly for free but you can purchase from retailers as well. Important thing is the file size and, of course, its authenticity. It is rather wise to get tech support in this matter.

However, according to computer support specialists, Microsoft has introduced new PST format with Outlook 2003 and higher versions. This format is more improved with greater storage capacity of up to 20 GB. Now if you are thinking of upgrading your Outlook to the newer format, know the fact that such upgradation does not automatically upgrade the PST files. Tech support experts do it manually by creating a new Unicode file and transferring the data across. You can also do it yourself with professional computer repair assistance.

Despite the improvements made to the recent years, PST files are still susceptible to corruption issues that result in data loss. PST can go for weeks and months in partially corrupted state and crash before you could realize it actually has a problem. So, as tech support professionals suggest, you should back up PST files at a regular basis to avoid sudden hazards. PST files must be stored on a local hard disk drive.

Split PST for data management. In case you are using older versions of Windows Outlook and is not responding to the desired speed, think of splitting the PST files. It significantly helps you improve Outlook services to a satisfactory level. Also, online tech support professionals suggest PST splitting if you are facing hassles in managing your large PST file. Split PST software programs available online, which can serve your purpose efficiently. So, talk to a remote tech support company to get your Outlook issue resolved in an appropriate manner.

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Tech Support For Dell Computers And Laptops

Dell is one of the leading computer corporations in the world. Among the top providers of computer Dell stands out. It is attributed to the fact that the computer quality of Dell PCs and Laptops is worth the praise. The company is well renowned for its achievements in electronic commerce. Top notch dell products include Dell Dimension Vostro, Dell XPS laptop and notebook, inspiron, Studio desktops Precision, Optiplex and Latitude. It is quite unpredictable when a technical issue will occur in your Dell computer, laptop or other Dell product. In such cases you need expert help. Whether it is easy or not-so-easy, Dell support will fix any problem right first time without leaving you in the dark.

What technical issues can occur in Dell computers/laptops?

The Dell issues include the following:
1.System freezing
2.System failure
3.Virus attack
4.Hard drive failure
5.Wired pop-ups
6.Black/blue screen
7.Low memory messages
8.Slow computer
9.improper installation of Windows

How these issues can be resolved?

Your computer may be a product of a reputed brand as Dell but there is no guarantee for its proper functioning. Anytime it can show errors in its smooth functionality. In such cases proper support is required from a technical organization to resolve the particular errors and queries. The technicians can troubleshoot and get you the best and quickest resolution to all of your Dell computer problems. Buying a computer, printer, laptop or other device is one thing and using it effectively & properly is quite another. Every device that you use today incorporates the latest technology. Anytime you face a problem with your PC, it does require an expert to get them fixed. Experts are needed to handle such devices with care and precision and immense knowledge, something which only an expert can provide you with. Dell help/ Dell support can be accessed anytime of the day or night and whatever your problem is, it will be rectified fully and successfully at the quickest possible time.

No matter what and how complex problem occurs in your PC Dell support can effectively troubleshoot almost any problem. It is ideal for any issue big or small. You can ask for the support anytime and anywhere. Support is available 24/7*365 days a year. Tech experts will diagnose and cure whatever is causing your computers’ problems-from setup to connection to virus issues. They install secure software on your computers that provide frequent computer health checks, automated fixes and ongoing tune-ups to improve computer performance. They will also check that your existing anti-virus software is installed and up to date. Finally, they make enhancements to rid your computers of unnecessary files that slow down performance and tune key settings. These experts are just like your family’s personal tech experts on call year round.

What are Dell support features?

You can get a number of features:
Immediate access
Remote resolution to any PC errors
Round the clock support
Support for improving computer performance and top speed
PC optimization
Certified and highly skilled technicians to Dell support

Dell support works anytime, anywhere, making receiving help convenient for you. Think of it as the ultimate personal help desk for your computer needs.

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